Der Hahn der tot, der Hahn ist tot. Er kann nicht mehr krähen...

On a market in Chengdu - I like it :D
On a market in Chengdu - I like it :D

As some of you may know, Luzi and I are doing weekly "self-experiments" (I know, I know, we just don't have anything else to do ^^) and unfortunately, this week is a non-German week. So if you were already wondering why I texted you or talked to you in English - that's why. Excuse my grammar and my pronunciation ;) If one of you can't speak English: There's always the possibility to copy and paste this text in Google Translate :D


So what happened the last three weeks?


1. I got really mad at my host family (although they are wonderful and caring and I looooove them sooo much and blablabla) because the following happened: In order to go to an American college, teenagers have to take a test called SAT (not only the Chinese but also the American teens). Because you can't take this test in Chengdu, my host sister decided to go to Hong Kong. At first, my host family asked me if I wanted to come with them (which I did of course) and kind of promised to take me IF there are no problems with my passport and visa and stuff (which there weren't). After a few days, however, a woman from Dipont told me that my host mom told her that they can't take me with them because no one can "watch me" while Joy is taking the SAT. Okay, I still kind of understood that and after Diana, a friend from school, invited me to stay at her home for the three-days-holiday, I was even quite happy about it.

What made me mad was that eventually, Joy didn't even take the SAT!!! A few days before they left for Hong Kong, she decided that she wasn't well enough prepared but still went "just for fun". I (obviously) wasn't told anything until someone else told me after (!) Joy came back to Chengdu...

The whole thing sounds very complicated, I know, but my point is that my host family never tells me anything; for them I seem to be non-existent somehow... Two months and I'll be gone!


2. How different things can be for you if you are in another host family - that was what I realized when I stayed at Diana's home (see pictures above). No need to say anything else, I just love them and I'll miss them back in Germany...

With them, I also went to a market near their home (which is where the blogtitle and -picture originate). I've been to Chinese markets before and it wasn't something that really shocked me, but I wanted to share my experiences with you ;) So, as soon as you arrive at the market which is located in narrow, poor and dirty streets, you'll notice the smell. Fish, meat (both dead and alive), all kinds of fruits and vegetables, dumplings, sweet Chinese stuff that I can't explain, and much more. It's really amazing!

My favourite place is the fish stand where they have living fishes, eels, and even frogs (see pictures above). When you want to buy some, they take it out of its box, knock it out with a hammer (it's still LIVING though), scrape off the scales, slit the fish open and remove some of its organs, weigh it, put it in a plastic bag and "Here you are!". I took a look at our plastic bag and I don't know how, but the fish's gills where still "breathing"...

I just love it!


3. Apart from all these exciting things last week, Luzi and me are quite bored. We are trying to keep us busy (and happy) by doing all our projects (this week for instance we are creating a dance cheorography) and - as mentioned above - doing self-experiments. Oh and knitting and playing chess :D

On the weekends, we hang around in the city and even discovered a Catholican church! But it was really weird, inside Chinese people were praying and it was much to noisy and the bible was in Chinese and even the songs... And it smelled like death and decay. But I liked the poster ;) See below.


All in all, I'm really looking forward to going home. Although now I slowly begin to realize how much I will miss a few people here and the city at night andandand... And the food, oh gosh, THE FOOD! What shall I do without my 包子?My 饺子?:O


PS: Dad, I know you will be complaining about this post, but: Just keep it to yourself please. I know what I'm doing... at least this time :P

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    die Dorle (Donnerstag, 08 Mai 2014 10:48)

    ... il n'peut plus crier
    coco di, coco da!

    Und in Lingala (spricht man im Congo...):
    Soso nangala kufaki.
    Soso nangala kufaki.
    Akolo baté coco di coco da
    Akolo baté coco di coco da
    Cocococococo di coco da
    Cocococococo di coco da!

    Weisst du, dass ich früher mal Fischfrau werden wollte? Da war ich so ungefähr 10-11 Jahre alt. Bei uns auf dem Markt war nämlich ein Fischstand, und ich hab da immer sehr gern zugeschaut, wenngleich deren Methoden vielleicht etwas weniger rustikal waren als da bei euch :-)

    Sooo kompliziert finde ich die GEschichte mit dem Hongkong-Trip nicht: sie wollten dich offenbar nicht dabei haben bzw. hatten keine Lust, für dich Flug + Hotel zu bezahlen. Dass du sauer/enttäuscht bist, kann ich gut verstehen !! Aber nun isses ja bald vorbei, weniger als zwei Monate !!

    Stricken, soso :-)
    Na dann viel Spass noch.

    Dass bei dem Schach nie jemand gewinnt, mag daran liegen, dass keine von euch sich traut, mal zu attackieren, oder? Ein altes usbekisches Sprichwort lautet ja so: Uku lele habita, uku batibu. Frei übersetzt: Wenn die Frauen die Welt regierten, wären die Waffenschmiede arbeitslos.

    Heute seeehr inspiriert:
    die Dorle!

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    Lucy (Samstag, 10 Mai 2014)

    Wow, I'm impressed! Such a great comment - amazing ;)
    Yeah well of course I would have paid for flight and hotel (although my host family is the opposite of poor ^^) but whatever...
    No the problem with chess is not that we don't attack each other but that we play without any strategy (you know, "Oh I can kill the horse, let's kill it!" - "Oh no, she just killed my queen but let's just take the tower instead!" -- dying and killing, nothing more :D)...
    I like the usbakian thing though.

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